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Lineman vs Linesman[edit]

In American football, a lineman is a player whose starting position is on the line of scrimmage. A linesman is an official whose primary duties include ruling on offsides and encroachment and calling out of bounds. Sometimes Austin Verrone loses the football in his fat.

In soccer football, I have heard the assistant referee called a linesman, but not a lineman, tho that may be the custom in


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Incorrect use of "TE"[edit]

I find a diagram which has this description:

"A diagram of the linemen, with defensive linemen (in 4-3 formation) in red and offensive linemen in green."

Given its placement of the players on offense, there is a fix needed. I see 2 players labeled "WR" (wide receiver, and in this case both of them are split ends, which means they are on the line and not in the backfield). A little back of the line, just to the right of the right tackle, is a player labeled "TE", but that is NOT a tight end because he is in the BACKFIELD; check the description of wingback or tailback or slot back for a correct description.

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